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The DCAP ERC team bring decades of experience in the accounting and professional services industries.  They have combined this experience with their deep technical expertise to develop to streamline the ERC analysis process while strategically maximizing the refundable credit, especially for businesses that took PPP loans in the past.  The team also offers several other services, such as structured settlements, litigation financing, and annuity funding.

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Unlike PPP which is administered by the U.S. Small Business Administration through thousands of SBA-approved lenders, Employee Retention Tax Credits must be claimed directly with the IRS on an employer’s quarterly payroll tax forms.

Navigating the IRS tax code, properly determining eligibility, PPP interaction with ERC calculations, and developing the documentation to support an IRS audit is time consuming and not easy – most current advisors are not fully equipped to work with specialized tax credits such as ERCs.

Big businesses that could have the resources to execute, likely don’t qualify for ERCs based on headcount limits.

Small businesses who should qualify based on headcount and revenue likely don’t have the internal expertise.


Small and medium sized U.S. businesses deserve to know about and benefit from ERCs, especially those that businesses that struggled through COVID-19.  We have invested the time and resources to research and develop the expertise to offer clients an ERTC claims process that allows them to spend very little time on this and get back to operating their businesses.

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Learn if you qualify for the ERTC credits and how much you can reasonably expect to claim by contacting us below. We do all the heavy lifting by coordinating with your payroll service and bookkeeper so you literally spend 15 minutes from start to finish.